About the Founder

With a background in implementation and execution, our founder and CEO, Hannah Siegertsz found her passion in pairing businesses with extraordinary talent. Hannah grew up on the sandy beaches of tropical Sri Lanka with 24 siblings. Yes, your read that right. Hannah’s success is measured against metrics to verify results, streamlined processes, increased output, revenue enhancements and most importantly, employee morale. Her background in working across multiple industries along a plethora of C-Suite executives has led her to create a unique approach that Pair prides itself on.

Our Values






Our Mission

Pair businesses with extraordinary talent by providing highly skilled talent that partners on worldwide projects at an affordable price by bridging the gap between "High Costs" & "Quality Results."

Why we do

Exclusive quality talent is available across the globe, but that talent is not matched with the right business opportunity. And that’s where we step in.

What we do

We provide services that range from Marketing to Product Development. For an in depth list of our services, check out our portfolio.

Services Services

Branding, Marketing & Web Development

Branding & Content Development
Social Media Management
Website Maintenance
Lead Generation
Web Design & Development

Product & Software Development

Web & App Development
DevOps Support
Managed Services & Maintenance

Digital Transformation & Analytics

Legacy System
Re-Engineering Cloud Migration Business Analytics Data Visualization

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

Build Classification & Clustering Models Natural Language Processing (NLP) Sentiment Analysis
Chatbot Development

Brand Development

Product Development

Portfolio Portfolio

Real Communication begins with a Shift in Perspective.

Hannah Siegertsz

Ready when you are, let’s create something amazing!